Saturday, August 29, 2015

Is Woodstock helping to launch cluster bombs in Yemen?

M26 cluster munition found by Human Rights Watch in Yemen.
Human Rights Watch reports that US-made M26 cluster munition rockets have been used in Yemen, no doubt by the Saudi-led coalition, "killing and wounding dozens of civilians". The M26 is launched by the MLRS Multiple Rocket Launch System, for which we know that Woodstock's Ametek Rotron makes (or has made) components. So it seems likely that here is yet another war in which Woodstock is complicit.

Cluster munitions are banned under an international treaty signed by more than 100 countries (not including the US or Saudi Arabia).

Of course, Woodstock undoubtedly has its fingerprints on many of the other US-supplied weapons systems that the Saudis and their partners have unleashed on Yemen -- notably the warplanes used to make airstrikes.

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