Sunday, December 25, 2011

SPY-1 Radar: helping the Navy find its targets

Here's Woodstock's Christmas present to the world, ordered on December 23 by the Defense Logistics Agency. 6 fans (price $4,758) will be specially made in Woodstock for Lockheed Martin's AN/SPY-1D naval radar system. The radar, mounted on US Navy destroyers, is a key component of the Aegis Combat System, crucial for the destabilizing "Missile Defense" program. It enables the Navy to "perform search, track and missile guidance functions simultaneously with a capability of over 100 targets". The radar system, with Woodstock's fan keeping it cool, is hidden behind the octagonal plate on the destroyer in this photo.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Where are the Marines landing?

Wasp Class LHD
On November 30 the U.S. Navy sent in a rush order to Woodstock's weapons contractor. WebFLIS tells us that the fan ordered is specifically for a Wasp Class Landing Helicopter Dock amphibious assault ship. As the Federation of American Scientists explains, the Wasp Class LHDs are designed to "provide the means to deliver, command and support all elements of a Marine Landing Force in an assault by air and amphibious craft. ... They transport and land ashore not only troops, but also the tanks, trucks, jeeps, other vehicles, artillery, ammunition and various supplies necessary to support the amphibious assault mission."

Since this was another "URGENT AND COMPELLING EMERGENCY REQUIREMENT" with "EXPEDITED DELIVERY", we're prompted to ask where is the assault or planned assault that brings on this urgent need? Against what hostile territory? Wherever it is, Woodstock once again has a bit part (literally) in the proceeding.