Sunday, October 11, 2009

New weapons contract: Woodstock to Israeli Air Force

Rotron Inc. of Woodstock, N.Y. has a new contract (dated Oct 1, 2009) to supply 50 fans for "Government of Israel/Ministry of Defense/Chel Avir". Chel Avir is (a version of) the Hebrew name of the Israeli Air Force.

The contract, worth $27,712.50, is administered by the US Army and paid for by the US Defense Department (i.e. by US taxpayers), but the fans are to be shipped to Israel.

This is the first actual Rotron contract we've obtained that's explicitly for Israel, although we already knew from Rotron's own promotional material that they've supplied Merkava and IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries). Since most Rotron contracts don't wander into cyberspace where they can be found, it's highly likely that this is far from the first Israeli military sale for Rotron.

The fans are Rotron part number 011042. We haven't been able to find out what weapons system(s) they're for, but they're doubtless for Israeli warplanes ... quite likely F-16s or Apache helicopters, both of which were prominent in Israel's attack on Gaza in 2008-9.

The posting of the contract at has since been removed, but here's the top page and an inside page.

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