Sunday, September 15, 2013

Woodstock does its bit to contain China

USS Santa Fe
Under a September 12 contract, Woodstock's armaments manufacturer will send a fan to the USS Santa Fe, a Los Angeles-class nuclear-powered fast-attack submarine that was recently deployed to the Western Pacific, where it is no doubt taking part in Obama's destabilizing and expensive "pivot" toward a beefed-up military presence in the area to surround and contain China. The $2,157 fan is to be rushed to the sub under an "URGENT AND COMPELLING EMERGENCY REQUIREMENT."

A Navy website tells us that "A verstile [sic] platform, SANTA FE is equally at home in the roles of tactical intelligence gathering and surveillance, regional sea denial and task group support. Should conflict arise, her inherent covertness, near vulnerability to attack, and cruise missile capability provide SANTA FE a unique ability to be in place and undetected offshore for precision strike or ground warfare support."

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