Thursday, August 20, 2009

Woodstock is typical!

Woodstock is a small community, and its weapons manufacturer is correspondingly small relative to giants like Lockheed Martin. It's a symbol, a microcosm, of the reach of the death mills into every community, yes, even Woodstock.

As is true of the military industry in general, much of the work of Woodstock's Ametek Rotron is not direct Pentagon contracts but subcontracts. As Todd Zimmer of Peace Economy Project says:
"This practice of subcontracting ... accounts for much of the graft and cost-overruns rampant in the industry. Boeing and Lockheed intentionally spread out political culpability for program cuts across the geographical United States in an effort to influence the maximum number of elected congressional representatives. The F-22 program involves subcontracts with over 1,000 suppliers scattered across 44 states"
... Woodstock is home to one of those thousand.

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