Thursday, June 18, 2009

Communications equipment: an essential part of weapons systems and war-fighting

Rotron of Woodstock's military contracts are a microcosm of the military-industrial complex. Thus it isn't surprising that many of them are for communications equipment. Satellite-based communications are a fundamental part of the Pentagon's war-fighting strategy, and dominance of space is its prerequisite.

An example of a Woodstock customer: the EP-3E Aircraft, the Navy's SIGINT or electronic warfare and reconnaissance aircraft. The Navy has 12 of them and on 1/16/2009 awarded Rotron 2 contracts, each for $17,094.40 for 4 fans (more than $4,000 per fan), presumably for replacement and spare parts.

Other military "end items" for Rotron fans within the past year include:
"OE-222A/G Satellite Antenna" for the Army
"Communications program, Combat Theater"
"Radio Terminal Set"
"7253800-SIE10(53711) Photo Mast, Bay 10"

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