Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Business As Usual

Woodstock's own weapons contractor continues its steady stream of military contracts. In the latest of our occasional check-ins to see what they're up to, as archived in the DIBBS website, we find $925,152 worth of Pentagon contracts since March this year. (We don't know if there are more; and we certainly have no information about private and foreign military sales.) Here we pick out only a few made-in-Woodstock contracts for which we can identify the "End Use Item":

A contract for $7,700 dated July 11 is for 5 items described as "SHAFT, SHOULDERED" destined for the F-18 E/F Super Hornet fighter aircraft. This follows another contract for 5 of these same items dated June 16. We have posted several times before about earlier made-in-Woodstock components for the F-18.

A contract for $72,060 dated May 17 is for 20 items described as "TRANSMITTER COUNTERMEASURE, TRANSMITTER SUBASSEMBLY".

On the same date, a contract for $13,320 is for parts for a transmitter that is part of the Navy's AN/SPQ-9B shipboard radar system.

A contract for $6,867 dated May 4 sends made-in-Woodstock fans to tanks of the M1 series, including the M1A1 and the XM1.

A contract dated $20,350 dated April 3 is for 5 circulating fans for the M88A2 Armored Recovery Vehicle, pictured here.

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