Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Ball Bearings for Super Hornets, still $102 each

F-18s refueling over Afghanistan, 2010
A recent contract of Woodstock (NY)'s weapons contractor is for 19 ball bearings specifically designed for the F-18 E/F Hornet, as you can see if you follow up the NSN code number mentioned in the contract. It's dated September 7: less than 4 months since a previous order for the same item (that time it was for 18 of them, as we reported then).

So it seems fair to say that Woodstock, NY is a regular supplier of this "CRITICAL APPLICATION ITEM" for the Super Hornet. That's not surprising since US forces have hundreds of these busy little planes which continue to deliver smart bombs upon northern Iraq and Syria, and they're shopping for more. Those ball bearings have been seeing a lot of wear.

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