Friday, June 24, 2011

Woodstock rushes equipment for the attack on Libya

On June 21, Woodstock's weapons contractor received a new contract. A small one, just $1,549 for a single fan. But, citing an "URGENT AND COMPELLING EMERGENCY REQUIREMENT", the contract calls for "expedited delivery" of this "critical application item". The shipping address for this urgently needed equipment? USS Kearsarge.

The Kearsarge is a US Navy amphibious assault ship which has been stationed off the coast of Libya since March as a crucial part of the illegal US/NATO bombing campaign against Libya. Perhaps the fan is a component of the ship itself; more likely it's for one of the Kearsarge's Osprey, Harrier and Sea Dragon combat aircraft, or its Sea Sparrow missiles.

As usual, Woodstock is just one of many communities playing small parts in this misguided war. But putting an end to such an enormous waste of life, money and resources will mean changing the economies of Woodstock and all those other communities to peaceful purposes.

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